PVI Segerström offers a solid breadth of methods in sheet metal processing. In this way, the process flow is faster and more effective with great advantages for material use, quality, flexibility and precision.


Press capabilities

  • Hydraulic and Excenter pressing 10-1000 tons

  • CD-Robot and transfer feed of material

  • Coil weight handling up to 5 tons

  • Lubrication units with dosing

Tool capabilities

  • Tapping

  • Nut welding

  • Pierce studs and nuts

  • Clinch studs and nuts

  • Component insertion

  • Clinching

  • Follow on tools

  • Sensor monitoring

Pipe working

CNC controlled, pipe bending, machines with manual and robot feed.

Welding technology capabilities

  • TIG, MAG, ARC and CMT welding

  • Spot and pressure welding

  • Positioning systems that allow loading and unloading during welding processes

  • Equipment with three robots that work in synchronisation against the same positioning system

Surface finishing

  • Zinkmangan Phosphating / ED + Powder

  • Computer controlled conveyor system

  • Parts up to 3 x 2 x 0.5 meters, weight 250 kilogram


We undertake all sorts of assembly solutions, large and small, simple and complex components, manual or robot controlled.